Personal Coaching

The personal coaching method is based on thinking from several areas, such as motivational- and developmental psychology, and also from pedagogy and cognitive psychology. The theory of multiple intelligences has inspired our way of working to help students develop personalized learning strategies.

Personal coaching contributes to the student??s personal development as the student??s learning is structured, supported, assessed, and followed up. Through personal coaching, students learn to set clear and realistic, but still challenging, goals for their studies and to work in a goal-driven manner.

The student??s personal coach plays a decisive role in making the studies successful. The personal coach instructs the student in a structured manner that is not based on subject matter. This means that students receive help with defining goals, finding the strategies to reach them, planning and following up their goals and strategies and reflecting on their own learning process.

Personal coaching is not limited to scheduled talks to discuss the student??s coaching and development ??? it is a continuous dialogue between the student and the coach. This dialogue is characterized by closeness and concern. The coach is responsible for ensuring that the students assume the responsibility they can manage ??? and no more.

The content of the one-on-one tutorials varies, as in all coaching, depending on the student??s level of maturity and needs. In the beginning, the students receive mainly help and support with procedures ??? to accomplish their personal planning and understand the working methods. The focus gradually shifts to reflections on the student??s own learning process, where the students reflect on their goals, work, strategies and results. As students deepen their studies, they assume greater responsibility and receive additional coaching towards new challenging goals.